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  1. DayZ First Murders - Spawning Into A S**T Storm

    So finally after DayZ started working today, I got excited and got back into game, I logged out in a barn to have some lunch, this is what occurred as I logged back in.

    ***Story Time***

    So I spawned into a barn near Zelenogorsk. I had a rough idea of where I intended to go after lunch, and was looking forward to my solo trod through Chernarus.

    As I spawned in, I heard gunshots frighteningly close by, so immediately I made my way to the top floor of the ...
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  2. Garry's Mod Stranded Update + Tribal Wars Edition

    Stranded mode seems to be fairly outdated, so I have purposed a plan to update it, and tweak it in a certain way. I have devised a plan to update it and perhaps make it more interesting and to gather more people. Below listed is my idea of things to do.

    This is just a very brief layout of what I have planned, subject to change.

    Gold Hatchet: 90% chance of wood. (50 gold + 50 wood) (min>10 max>15) (50 gold + 50 wood to make)
    Gold Pickaxe: ...
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  3. Japer's Project Zomboid Mod Database Tool

    Lots of mods have been created for PZ, but there's no general 'hub' to search for them all in one neat package (apart from the forums). And as of yet I have not seen a website that contains them all etc (Correct me if I'm mistaken).

    Here's my idea;

    A few years back, I wrote this small program, what it enables is a search function for basically whatever you want, there's different categories, sub categories etc.

    My offer;

    Theme the program ...
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  4. Evil Dead Army Of Darkness Skyrim Mod

    Project placed on hold (possibly for good)

    This is part of my Army Of Darkness mod for Skyrim based on the movie 'Evil Dead Army Of Darkness' (1992).

    This download will include several files of the weapons I aim to Implement into the game, and will be part of my quest line I will create when the DK is out.

    The object of this mod is to create a quest line, where you be Ash, with his weapons/armour etc and you have to go to the Graveyard ...
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